How much credit is available to each patient?

The amount available to each individual is based on their level of credit worthiness but generally credit limits up to $25,000 are available. For more credit worthy patients limits can increase up to $150,000.

How quickly will my hospital receive funds?

Your funds will be deposited directly into your designated account by the lender within 72 hours of funding. CAIN will provide the necessary reporting to allow you to record the transaction.

What happens to patients that don’t qualify for funding?

The patients that don’t qualify for funding, or choose not to, are automatically enrolled in our Non-Credit Based Patient Installment Plan program.

What percentage of my patients will qualify for the program?

While we can’t know the actual number that will qualify, all patients with a FICO score of 540 or greater are eligible to apply. For those patients that don’t qualify or have a FICO score below 540 we offer our Non-Credit Based Patient Installment Plan option.

How does that program work?

The Non-Credit Based Patient Installment program arranges and manages all aspects of patient payment plans consistent with the plan parameters as defined by you. All payments are made through the ACH system. Our staff stays in constant contact with the patient throughout the term of the payment plan. We are proud to say that 95% of these accounts have remained current.

What is the cost of this program?

You will receive 85% of all monies collected. The remaining 15% will cover all program costs.